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Ari Simon, Pinterest's Head of Social Impact and Philanthropy, on supporting emotional wellbeing

Ari Simon, Pinterest’s Head of Social Impact and Philanthropy, joins Alberto Lidji to discuss their work supporting emotional wellbeing and mental health -- leveraging scale with half a billion users!

A must-listen episode that will inform and inspire. Learn how Pinterest is leveraging its scale and reach of 444 million global, monthly active users to change narratives and drive forward social change around emotional wellbeing and mental health.

Pinterest is one of the most inspirational destinations online and, indeed, their mission is to help people discover the things they love, and inspire them to go do those things in their daily lives. 

However, there’s an appreciation that life isn’t always so inspiring, and things on the internet aren’t either. Real-life feelings and experiences can carry over to our lives online. 

Pinterest is focused on emotional wellbeing and they’re leveraging their product, scale and philanthropic network to make a difference to millions of people across the globe.

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About Ari Simon

Ari oversees Pinterest’s social impact efforts, including a philanthropic strategy focused on expanding emotional wellbeing and place-based giving across Pinterest’s global footprint.

Before joining Pinterest, he was Vice President, Chief Program and Strategy Officer at The Kresge Foundation for seven years. He led the foundation’s domestic and global grantmaking and directed its Opportunity Fund focused on protecting civil rights, promoting racial equity, and ensuring the stability of our democratic system of government.

Ari joined Kresge after five years with McKinsey & Company, where he focused on social innovation, economic development, and public health.

Prior to that, he was a writer and editor of the Shuttle Columbia Accident Report as well as the United Nations Independent Inquiry Committee Investigation of the Oil-for-Food Programme, served as a volunteer on ambulances in the Middle East, and worked for the Innocence Project while in law school.

Ari earned a bachelor’s degree at Harvard College, a master’s degree at Oxford University, and a law degree at Stanford University.


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