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Krish Kandiah, Founder of the Sanctuary Foundation, on welcoming refugees with open arms

The founder and director of the Sanctuary Foundation, Krish Kandiah, talks about the importance of welcoming refugees into our communities. He describes the work of the Sanctuary Foundation and shares his own personal experience of opening his home and welcoming refugees to live with his family.

Despite what the negative headlines might suggest, the British public has demonstrated great warmth and generosity, opening their homes to complete strangers who seek refuge from war and conflict in Ukraine and elsewhere.

The pendulum of public attitudes is moving in the right direction and there’s much we can do to build on this momentum. Just days after marking World Refugee Day on 20th June 2023, this episode will inform, inspire, and prompt you to do more.

About Krish Kandiah

Dr Kandiah is a social entrepreneur with a vision to help solve some of society’s seemingly intractable problems through building partnerships across civil society, faith communities, government and philanthropy.

Krish is the founder of the Sanctuary Foundation – a charity supporting refugees to find welcome, work and worthwhile housing in the UK.

He is recognised as an expert in refugee resettlement , child welfare reform, educational innovation and civil society mobilisation. He served as the chair of the Adoption and Special Guardianship Leadership Board where he brings strategic leadership to the finding of permanent loving families for children in the care system working across the sector and advising the English government.

Krish has led the charge on mobilising civil society groups and churches as they have supported recent arrivals from Hong Kong, Afghanistan, Ukraine and Sudan. He has helped to inspire and train thousands to care for vulnerable adults and children.

He is a regular broadcaster on the BBC and has written for publications as diverse as The Guardian, The Daily Express, The Spectator, The Times, The Sunday Times, Christianity Today and The Church Times.


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