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So, what's the Do One Better all about?

About Us

The Do One Better is a knowledge hub and a podcast, launched by Alberto Lidji in early 2019, with the aim of driving forward the Global Sustainability Agenda by analysing and showcasing the very best in philanthropy, sustainability and social entrepreneurship.


Today, the Do One Better has a rich archive of 200+ impact-focused interviews and case studies featuring the likes of Julia Gillard, David Lynch, David Miliband, Paul Polman, Siya Kolisi, Cherie Blair, Bob Moritz and the CEOs, Chairs and Founders of some of the world's best-known organisations.


The range of thought-leaders featured at the Do One Better is broad, spanning billionaire philanthropists and signatories of the Giving Pledge to innovative social entrepreneurs, CEOs, leading scientists and policymakers. 

How we can help

You can use the Do One Better in three ways:

1) Listen at your pace. Simply listen to our 200 interviews and case studies on any major podcast platform at your own pace and however curiosity guides you. All episodes have clear titles and notes, and you will benefit from excellent coverage on topics relating to the Global Sustainability Agenda. If you are so inclined and don't much care for sleep, you can literally listen to our episodes, back-to-back for days!

2) Ask us for recommendations. We appreciate the great value in having an archive of interviews and case studies that is professionally curated and which you are welcome to query easily by simply completing our online contact form and letting us know what social impact you are trying to achieve. Once you contact us, we review your social impact objectives and recommend a personalised playlist of handpicked interviews and case studies just for you. We provide you context explaining why the recommended playlist is aligned with your aims and also provide you with impact-focused context.


3) Explore collaborating with us. We have a wealth of insight on the latest trends and innovations driving forward the Global Sustainability Agenda, our global networks are extensive and our strategic experience spans all 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. Reach out to us if you need help achieving social impact, developing your in-house SDG and ESG expertise or tackling a strategic challenge in philanthropy, sustainability or social entrepreneurship.


About Alberto Lidji

Alberto is the curator of the Do One Better Knowledge Hub and host of the Do One Better Podcast. He is a Visiting Fellow at Cambridge Judge Business School, based at the Centre for Strategic Philanthropy, and has lectured at various universities including Bocconi, Sydney, Warwick and the LSE. He frequently leads training workshops, organisations' strategy conferences and one-to-one tuition for non-profit and corporate clients alike.

Prior to launching the Do One Better in 2019, Alberto was Global CEO of the Novak Djokovic Foundation and Director of Development at the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Foundation. He has been a Senior Advisor to the Goldie Hawn Foundation, sits on the Global Council of STIR Education, is on the Board of Governors at St Peter's School and is a member of the Judging Academy of the World's Best School Prizes.

His research and professional interests include the power dynamic between Global South and North (which is of particular relevance since Alberto was born in Argentina), trust-based philanthropy, diversity and inclusion, private business as a force for good, and the power of knowledge hubs.


Alberto holds degrees from the University of Cambridge and the London School of Economics. He has led initiatives with the World Bank on education, UNICEF on advocacy and Harvard University on research. He has also produced numerous podcasts miniseries for clients engaged in social impact and written thought pieces for the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Perspectives and Economist Impact.

Fun fact: Alberto rang the NASDAQ Opening Bell in 2017 (he was delighted to tick off his bucket list!)

Sample of Publications by Alberto Lidji

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