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Ask us which interviews and case studies are likely to be most helpful to you. In order to ensure you gain as much insight as possible from our rich archive of interviews and case studies, we invite you to contact us letting us know what you are trying to achieve and what sort of information you would find useful. We will then provide you with bespoke recommendations of the most relevant interviews and case studies and may also provide you with additional thematic context where appropriate. For instance, you may be looking to strengthen your corporate citizenship activities, launch a social enterprise or become a better philanthropist -- the more detail you provide us, the better able we'll be to point you in the right direction.

Moreover, if you are you interested in being a guest on the show, we invite you to get in touch and let us know.  Just to manage expectations though, please note that we receive many more expressions of interest than we have available guest spots.  We very much appreciate your interest and we do review all guest suggestions, however due to the high volume of requests we will reply to you only if there is scope to explore further. 


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