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Guest Profile

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Chris Turner

Executive Director, UK

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Peter Deitz


Grantbook & UnWrapit

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About Chris Turner

Chris Turner is the Executive Director of B Lab UK -- the non-profit organisation behind B Corp.


Chris found his way to B Lab after spending many years trying to combine a career in business, and particularly working with entrepreneurs and innovative leaders, with a desire to drive positive social impact. After building startups, consulting, and working in international development, he has now found the best of both worlds!

He holds a BA from the London School of Economics (LSE).

About Peter Deitz 

Peter is the Co-Founder of Grantbook and Founder of UnWrapit. The former is a Certified B Corp, while the latter is in the process of securing B Corp certification. Peter is an entrepreneur committed to creating enduring companies that have a deeply-rooted social and environmental purpose. He holds a BA from McGill University and and MA from the University of Toronto.

Episode Overview

Executive Director of B Lab UK (B Corp), Chris Turner, and Co-Founder of Grantbook and UnWrapit, Peter Deitz, join Alberto Lidji to discuss the B Corp movement and social entrepreneurship.


B Lab UK is the non-profit organisation in the UK behind B Corp. The B Corp movement is a global movement of more than 3,000 businesses that are all acting as a force for good around the world. There are 250 B Corps in the UK, and the movement has been around for 10 years.


At the heart of the movement is the ‘Certification’ process, which involves two commitments:


1) to score highly on a B Impact Assessment (80 points or more are required) – this means a candidate company has taken a deep look at governance, workers, environment, community and customers.  Those companies being assessed accumulate points for the positive impact they’re creating.


2) the second commitment is more symbolic and relates to the governance of the business – it differs depending on the jurisdiction, but in the UK it means that a B Corp amends its articles of association and changes the duties of the directors of the business to essentially give equal weight to people, planet and profit. It puts this triple bottom line principle at the very heart of a business.


Certification lasts for three years once it’s awarded. 


Peter is a social entrepreneur who has already gotten one of his ventures, Grantbook, B Corp Certified and, now, he’s in the process of getting UnWrapit certified as well.  He notes that the certification process itself will help an organisation’s development – looking at things such as governance, employee positions and policies, how you involve yourself in the community and so forth.  


There are many benefits of being a B Corp – whether it’s internal such as attracting great people and retaining them, or external, such as attracting investment, sending the right signals to the market, procurement and more.


Peter’s key takeaway: If your company is a meaningful place to work for your employees and you’re creating opportunities for formative experiences, and potentially for ownership in your company, then you’re on the right path. B Corp and the B Corp assessment will help you create that meaningful environment for your employees.


Chris’ key takeaway: At the end of the day businesses are a collection of people. Chris encourages business leaders to think about what motivates people. The inspiring business leaders are those who have a real point of view in terms of what their business is for, the role it plays in society, the way in which the people in that business can all contribute.

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