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Andrea Rasca, CEO of Mercato Metropolitano

Feeding the Future: Andrea Rasca's journey with Mercato Metropolitano.

In this inspiring episode of the Do One Better Podcast, we welcome Andrea Rasca, the visionary Chief Executive Officer of Mercato Metropolitano. As a social enterprise advocate, Rasca shares the profound philosophy that food is a human right, emphasizing the importance of healthy, sustainable, and community-centric food systems. Throughout the conversation, we delve into Mercato Metropolitano's impact across London, discussing the challenges of securing funding and finding like-minded partners for a social enterprise.

Andrea recounts his personal journey, starting from cherished family dinners in Italy to establishing a movement that redefines the food system. He vividly describes Mercato Metropolitano as not just a market but a movement, aiming to revolutionize how we perceive food in urban settings. The episode explores the symbiotic relationship between food, health, and environment, highlighting the detrimental effects of the industrial food system and the potential of sustainable practices to heal both people and the planet.

Listeners will get an inside look at how Mercato Metropolitano operates, from engaging citizens and fostering community to the careful selection and support of trading partners who align with their ethos. Andrea's narrative is a powerful reminder of the potential of passion, dedication, and community in creating change. The episode is not just a story about food but a call to action for social inclusiveness, health, and sustainability in our daily lives.

Join us as Andrea Rasca shares invaluable insights and experiences, offering inspiration and guidance to current and aspiring social entrepreneurs. This episode is a heartfelt conversation about the power of food as a tool for social good and the journey of creating a movement that feeds the future in every sense.

About Andrea Rasca

Andrea Rasca is the CEO of Mercato Metropolitano and Movimento Metropolitano. With a degree in Economics from Italy and Spain, one Masters in Management from Tokyo, and second Masters in International Relations from Fletcher School in Boston, Andrea is a passionate advocate for the Right to Food.

Andrea founded the first MM pilot site in Milan in 2015, after 25 years’ experience within the food sector, focusing on the design and implementation of internationalization strategies for major Italian food companies and the development of food retail projects, including nine branches of Eataly in Japan.

The inspiring new sustainable retail concept of Mercato Metropolitano concentrates on the development of a more holistic and coordinated approach to sustainable food systems that are community-led to enhance the positive impact on our environment, societies, and nutritional health. Andrea is the main drive behind Movimento Metropolitano, a movement that has been characterized as: “the standard-bearer for the renaissance of inner cities”.


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