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Andy Jarvis, Bezos Earth Fund's Director of Future of Food: Innovating for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Andy Jarvis, the Director of Future of Food at the Bezos Earth Fund, delves into the critical role food systems play in both exacerbating and potentially alleviating the twin crises of climate change and biodiversity loss. The Bezos Earth Fund, established with a $10 billion commitment from Jeff Bezos, aims to address these global challenges by 2030, with a strong emphasis on equity and environmental justice.

This episode showcases some truly innovative initiatives being supported by the Fund and unpacks how the Fund is tackling the enormous environmental footprint of the current food system, which is responsible for a significant portion of global emissions and land use.

A major focus is placed on the challenges and opportunities within livestock production, identified as a key driver of both emissions and land use. Andy elucidates the Fund's strategic approach to transforming livestock systems to meet the nutritional needs of a growing global population, while also safeguarding the planet. This involves exploring innovative solutions and partnerships aimed at reducing the environmental impact of food production and consumption.

The conversation touches on the interconnected nature of food systems, emphasising the complexity of making meaningful changes within this global network. Andy's insights reveal the importance of considering the entire food system, from supply chains to consumer behaviour, in efforts to achieve a sustainable future.

This episode not only highlights the critical work being undertaken by the Bezos Earth Fund but also underscores the urgency of addressing food sustainability as a cornerstone of climate action and biodiversity conservation. Listeners are invited to contemplate the profound implications of their food choices and the innovative paths forward in creating a sustainable and equitable food future.

About Andy Jarvis

Andy Jarvis has worked for over 20 years in research for development to support the delivery of food security and environmental sustainability in the food system. His research has focused on data-driven policy analysis on a variety of topics from agrobiodiversity conservation to climate impacts and adaptation. Andy joined the Bezos Earth Fund from the Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT, a CGIAR center, as the Associate Director General for Research Strategy and Innovation where he oversaw research that spans from crop breeding and genetics to landscape management, climate adaptation and mitigation through to dietary shifts and consumer behavior.

Andy holds a PhD in Geography from King’s College London, and is located in Cali, Colombia.


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