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Atul Satija, Founder & CEO, The/Nudge Institute, on eliminating poverty in India within our lifetime

Let's aim to transform India into a poverty-free country within our lifetime. A fascinating conversation full of ambition to improve the lives of millions of people.

The/Nudge Institute is an action institute that works with governments, markets, and civil society to build resilient livelihoods for all.

Over 364 million Indians live below the poverty line. At The/Nudge Institute, they believe that it is within our collective means to ensure that every Indian lives a life with dignity out of poverty. They work to create livelihood opportunities at scale, and in doing so, build resilience in society to withstand economic shocks.

The/Nudge Institute has strong foundation partners, including the Gates Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, Skoll Foundation and Tata Trusts. Corporate partners include Unilever, Cisco, Morgan Stanley, LinkedIn Social Impact and KPMG.

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About Atul Satija

Atul Satija is the Founder & CEO of The/Nudge Institute. He is also the Founder and CEO of GiveIndia.

After 17 years of starting, scaling and turning around various businesses in some of the largest and most respected organisations globally, he decided to start The/Nudge Foundation to fulfil his passion of working on inequality and social issues facing India.

Previously at his 5-year stint at InMobi as Chief Business Officer, Atul helped scale the organisation from a small start-up to a global leader in mobile advertising. Prior to InMobi, Atul was the Head of Mobile Business for Japan & Asia-Pacific, and Head of Business Development for India at Google.

Atul has also done various sales, consulting and business development assignments across telecom and technology companies including Adobe, Samsung and Infosys.


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