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Celebrating 150th Episode of The Do One Better Podcast. Tania Bryer interviews Alberto Lidji

Celebrating our 150th Episode!

Tania Bryer of CNBC fame interviews Alberto Lidji to explore insights from The Do One Better Podcast’s 150 episodes.

A candid look at podcasting, philanthropy and more. Alberto Lidji launched The Do One Better Podcast in early 2019, shortly after stepping down as Global CEO of the Novak Djokovic Foundation.

He has also been a Senior Advisor to the Goldie Hawn Foundation and Director of Development at the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Foundation. The purpose of

The Do One Better Podcast is to inspire a global audience to be more philanthropic, to act more sustainably and to embrace social entrepreneurship. Guests over the past three years have included Paul Polman, Siya Kolisi, David Lynch, Julia Gillard, David Miliband, Cherie Blair and Ricardo Lagos.

On this episode we explore:

(1) What it was like in the early days of the podcast.

(2) Advice for up-and-coming podcasters and those who want to create a podcast.

(3) The move from private sector into philanthropy.

(4) What to think about if you’re looking to get into philanthropy.

(5) Lessons and surprises from 150 episodes.

(6) Most moving philanthropic initiative?

(7) What are some of the key trends in philanthropy and broader sustainability agenda?

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