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Comfort Ero, President and CEO of the International Crisis Group

President and CEO of International Crisis Group, Comfort Ero, on conflict prevention and resolution.

This episode focuses on global conflict prevention and resolution and we are joined by Comfort Ero, President and CEO of the International Crisis Group.

They provide independent analysis and advice on how to prevent, resolve and better manage deadly conflict, combining field research, analysis and engagement with policymakers across the world in order to effect change in crisis situations.

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About Dr Comfort Ero

Dr Comfort Ero was appointed Crisis Group’s President & CEO in December 2021. She joined the organisation as West Africa Project Director in 2001 and rose to become Africa Program Director and then, in January 2021, Interim Vice President.

Dr Ero has spent her entire career working on or in conflict-affected countries. In between her two tenures at Crisis Group, she served as Deputy Africa Program Director for the International Centre for Transitional Justice (2008-2010) and, prior to that, Political Affairs Officer and Policy Advisor to the Special Representative of the Secretary-General, UN Mission in Liberia (2004-2007).

She has a PhD from the London School of Economics, University of London. Dr Ero is also the Chair of the Board of the Rift Valley Institute and sits on the editorial board of various journals, including International Peacekeeping.


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