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Darshita Gillies, Founder and CEO of Maanch, on mobilising capital towards sustainability

Darshita Gillies is Founder and CEO of Maanch, an impact management platform. They inform asset managers, corporations, philanthropists and funders on impact tracking and impact management within an ESG and sustainability context.

Maanch is a B Corp that is leveraging technology for good and embracing an innovative approach. The focus in this episode is on mobilising capital towards sustainability and the conversation is of interest to a wide audience.

About Darshita Gillies

Listed among 2021's ESG & Diversity Trailblazers, 100 Most Meaningful Business Leaders, an Inspirational Tech Advocate, and 100 Most Influential in UK-India Relations in 2020, Darshita's personality has a magnetic pull.

She founded an award-winning impact data management company, Maanch in 2018 with the primary purpose of leveraging technology to accelerate the adoption and integration of sustainability in financial services. Maanch is a leading B-corp dedicated to providing SaaS & advisory solutions for ESG & sustainability data to investors, asset managers, corporates and donor-advised funds. 

Maanch is the manifestation of her vision to create a fair future for all. Just as Google is synonymous with information and Uber is synonymous with mobility, Darshita envisions that Maanch will be synonymous with Impact. 

With her professional foundations as Chartered Accountant, Operational Risk Manager, Investment Banker, and Executive Coach as well as FinTech-Blockchain Specialist and ESG-Impact Evangelist, Darshita serves on the Boards of for-profit and non-profit organisations. Now based in London, as a Global Citizen, Entrepreneur, Impact Investor and Philanthropist, Darshita spearheads diverse endeavours aiming to accelerate the convergence of finance and technology to deliver planetary well-being and prosperity.


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