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Debra Allcock Tyler, Chief Executive of the Directory of Social Change -- in Defence of Charities

In defence of charities: an interview with Debra Allcock Tyler, Chief Executive of the Directory of Social Change (DSC).

We explore the world of charities and delve into key questions, such as:

(1) What’s the state of affairs with charities today?

(2) Why are so many charities struggling for funding when many foundations and major donors saw their endowments, net worth and equity portfolios grow so much in 2021?

(3) What’s the public perception of charities and is it well-founded?

(4) Are there too many charities and do they overlap with each other?

(5) Are there parallels to be drawn between the private sector and non-profit sector?

(6) Is it right for charity CEOs and their boards to focus on growth?

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About Debra Allcock Tyler

Debra has worked in the charitable and voluntary sector for over 30 years. Amongst numerous other roles, she is Co-Chair of the Soldiering on Awards alongside General the Lord Dannatt. She is a Trustee of In Kind Direct, one of the Prince's Foundation Charities, and a trustee of the Berkshire Community Foundation. She is also an Africa Advocacy Foundation Ambassador for women and girls at risk of or affected by Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). She has served as a trustee of several charities including being the co-founder of the Small Charities Coalition and was its first Chair. She served on the Charity Commission's SORP committee for over 7 years and was the Vice-Chair of Governors of Whiteknights primary school for 6 years.


She is a renowned public speaker with many years' experience of training and coaching and internationally published author of several books on management and leadership including It's Tough at the Top; The Pleasure and the Pain; It's Murder in Management and It's a Battle on the Board. Debra has a regular monthly column in Third Sector magazine and has appeared on Radio 4's The Moral Maze.


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