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Delphine Moralis, CEO of Philea (Philanthropy Europe Association)

Delphine Moralis, CEO of Philea (Philanthropy Europe Association), speaks with Alberto Lidji on the evolving landscape of philanthropy in Europe.

We explore Philea's mission to foster pluralistic, just, and resilient societies that prioritise people and the planet.

We delve into recent trends in philanthropy, highlighting the shift towards trust-based approaches, unrestricted funding, and participatory grant-making, which underscore the sector's adaptability and commitment to more effective and inclusive support mechanisms.

A significant portion of the conversation is dedicated to discussing the European Philanthropy Manifesto, a strategic document advocating for a unified market for philanthropy across Europe to mitigate operational frictions and legal barriers that hinder cross-border philanthropy.

The manifesto, a result of collaborative efforts within the philanthropic community, outlines recommendations for empowering philanthropy, facilitating cross-border activities, and partnering with philanthropic organisations for the public good.

This initiative reflects Philea's proactive stance in engaging with European institutions to create a more conducive environment for philanthropy.

About Delphine Moralis

Delphine Moralis is the Chief Executive Officer of the Philanthropy Europe Association – Philea. Philea nurtures a diverse and inclusive ecosystem of foundations, philanthropic organisations and networks working for the common good. It helps its members be inspired, act together and achieve greater impact by sharing data and knowledge, exchanging best practices, connecting around common themes, engaging in policy work, and more.

Prior to joining Philea, Delphine was Secretary General of Terre des Hommes International Federation, a network of nine organisations working in 71 countries working for the rights of children and to promote equitable development. Before Terre des Hommes, Delphine was Secretary General of Missing Children Europe, an organisation that brings together 31 NGOs from 27 countries and provides the link between research, policies and organisations on the ground to protect children from any kind of violence, abuse or neglect that is caused by or results from them going missing.

Delphine has also held positions in advocacy and public affairs at Child Focus, the European Youth Forum and Cable Europe. She has a Master’s degree in Philosophy and an Advanced Master’s Degree in European Studies. She lives in Brussels with her husband and sons.

In December 2021 Delphine was appointed President of the Board of Directors for Enabel, the Belgian development agency which aims to build a sustainable world where women and men live under the rule of law and are free to thrive.


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