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Felix Brooks-Church, Co-Founder and CEO of Sanku, on small-scale food fortification in East Africa

Felix Brooks-Church is Co-Founder and CEO of Sanku, a social enterprise and non-profit focused on combatting malnutrition through food fortification in East Africa. They operate out of Tanzania and Kenya.

Sanku works with local stakeholders in rural and marginalised communities to fortify staple foods by adding nutrients, vitamins and minerals; aiming to improve health outcomes in the process.

In this episode we get behind-the-scenes insight into Sanku’s work and the value of food fortification. We learn how they’re able to reach the ‘last mile’ in rural settings through a ‘small-scale’ food fortification approach; we look at their business model, and the technology and logistics that underpin the work they do.

About Felix Brooks-Church

Felix cofounded Sanku in 2013, a social enterprise fighting to end “hidden hunger" throughout East Africa by equipping small maize flour millers with the tools, training and business models to reach the most at-risk populations with life-saving nutrition.

Felix leads the overall development, mission and trajectory of the organization, which was selected to Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies list, Zayed Sustainability Prize winner, Lipman Family Prize winner, and a GiveWell Standout Charity.

For the past decade, whilst living and working across Asia and Africa, Felix has refined micronutrient delivery systems and developed economic models for sustaining rural flour fortification.

Felix holds a patent, having led all aspects of product development and engineering for Sanku’s award winning Dosifier technology (2019 Time Magazine Invention of the Year, 2018 IoT Evolution Product of the Year, 2018 Fierce Innovation Award, 2013 Ashoka Changemakers’ Winner).

Now providing the basic human right of nutrition to close to five million people every day across East Africa, Sanku is on pace to reach 100 million people by 2030. Felix holds a BA in Geology from Oberlin College and has been selected as a Mulago Foundation Fellow as well as a Rolex Laureate.


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