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Gemma Bull and Tom Steinberg on modern grantmaking

Grantmaking is imperfect and full of opportunities for improvement.

We explore a range of topics, including:

(1) trust-based philanthropy;

(2) power imbalances;

(3) participatory grantmaking; and

(4) striving to make grantmaking more accessible, equitable and empathetic.

Tom and Gemma are authors of the book ‘Modern Grantmaking’, which provides useful tips for professionals in this field and instils a belief that better is possible.

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About Gemma Bull

Gemma was England Director and Funding Strategy Director for the UK's largest community funder, which awards £600 million annually. Her responsibilities included building teams, leading hundreds of people and driving a major redesign of the whole organisation’s grantmaking. Previously she was Managing Director for Innovation and Enterprise at Leonard Cheshire Disability and Head of Innovation at Save the Children. She now specialises in supporting organisations to innovate, improve and collaborate.

About Tom Steinberg

Tom is a nonprofit CEO turned grantmaker. He founded civic tech pioneers mySociety and developed data and technology policy for the UK government before becoming a senior executive at two of the UK’s largest institutional funders. Tom is an Ashoka Fellow, a board member at the International Consortium of International Journalists, and the co-founder of an open access education project run out of the Harvard Kennedy School.


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