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Gemma Mortensen, Founder and Co-Creator of New Constellations

Gemma Mortensen, Founder and Co-Creator of New Constellations, on imagining and creating better, more beautiful futures.

New Constellations’ Founder and Co-Creator, Gemma Mortensen, joins us to advocate the value of big ideas, unconventional thinking, convening diverse stakeholders and imagining better futures.

New Constellations was created to hold and grow new, experimental spaces for people to examine the moment of upheaval we are living through, and to imagine and begin shaping the better futures that can emerge from it; futures in which humanity and the planet flourish together.

If you appreciate the power of creative thinking that is not constrained by preconceptions or overly concerned with convention, this episode is for you.

About Gemma Mortensen

Gemma Mortensen connects people, ideas and possibilities to meet the challenges of our times. An award winning social entrepreneur, she has a track record of making big ideas happen, and draws on her experience in media, international politics, civic participation and technology to stretch established thinking.

She is co-creator of New Constellations, a platform to help people imagine and begin to create futures of human and planetary flourishing.  Gemma is also co-founder and vice-chair of More In Common and sits on the global advisory board of Yale University’s International Leadership Centre.

She was previously Chief Global Officer at and CEO of Crisis Action (which won the MacArthur Award and Skoll Award for its innovative systems model). She lives on Dartmoor which she loves exploring with her family.


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