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George Richards, Director of Community Jameel, on J-PAL and advancing science and learning

George Richards, Director of Community Jameel, on J-PAL and advancing science and learning for communities to thrive

Community Jameel’s Director, George Richards, talks about their support of the Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL) and numerous other initiatives supporting bright talent beyond the lab and across the globe.

In 2019, the Nobel Prize for Economics was awarded to J-PAL’s co-founders, Esther Duflo and Abhijit Banerjee, and long-time J-PAL affiliate Michael Kremer, for their experimental approach to alleviating global poverty. Community Jameel has supported and partnered with J-PAL since 2005.

George explains how Community Jameel supports scientists, humanitarians, technologists and creatives to understand and address pressing human challenges. An inspiring conversation shedding light on the power of philanthropy.

About George Richards

George Richards is the Director of Community Jameel, an independent, global organisation advancing science and learning for communities to thrive. Prior to becoming Director in 2020, George led strategy for the organisation from 2015, and was head of heritage programmes at Art Jameel, the arts and culture organisation, with responsibility for initiatives in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and beyond, sustaining traditional cultural practices, supporting architectural preservation, and digitally recording heritage.

An Arabist specialising in the archaeoastronomy of pre-Islamic Arabia, George has undertaken field expeditions to document cultural heritage on behalf of the British Library and the British Institute for the Study of Iraq, and has served as the special rapporteur for cultural heritage to the Kurdistan Regional Government; a specialist assessor to the British government's Cultural Protection Fund; and a senior fellow at the Iraqi government's cultural heritage commission, Iraq Heritage.

George studied at the University of Edinburgh and the University of Isfahan and took a First in Arabic and Persian from Edinburgh in 2003. He is a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, a fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland and a trustee of The Prince's Foundation.

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