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Naghma Mulla, CEO of the EdelGive Foundation, talks about philanthropy in India and the GROW Fund

Naghma Mulla, CEO of the EdelGive Foundation

This episode provides clear insight into how the EdelGive Foundation developed, structured and executed a highly collaborative fund to support 100 NGOs in India, securing funding from the likes of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the MacArthur Foundation, Rohini Nilekani Philanthropies and the Chandra Foundation.

The EdelGive Foundation is a grant-making organization, helping build and expand philanthropy in India by funding and supporting the growth of small to mid-sized grassroots NGOs committed to empowering vulnerable children, women, and communities.

This approach has enabled the foundation to be a go-to partner of choice for Indian and foreign funders wanting to engage with the Indian development ecosystem.

The Grassroots, Resilience, Ownership and Wellness (GROW) Fund is aimed at building the capabilities, resilience and future readiness of grassroots organisations.

The GROW Fund aims to strengthen 100 high impact grassroots organisations over 24 months, through capacity building and support of key organisational functions.

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About Naghma Mulla

Naghma Mulla is the CEO at EdelGive Foundation. She also serves as a Director on the Board of the Foundation.

Over the last nine years, Naghma has been instrumental in driving the vision of the foundation towards building growth and scale for the organisations the foundation supports. 

Pledging nearly 4 billion INR as commitments towards the growth and scale of our partner organisations, EdelGive has supported over 150 NGOs since its inception. 

She works on forging valuable partnerships with diverse international and Indian stakeholders within the development ecosystem. To this end she has created and/or nurtured six collaboratives with EdelGive playing a leading role in critical areas of education, women empowerment, capacity building, climate change, migration and ecosystem building. 

Shes is a Chartered Accountant by training and a development sector professional by choice.


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