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Nidhi Bhasin, CEO of the NASSCOM Foundation, on tech for good in India

CEO of the NASSCOM Foundation, Nidhi Bhasin, on tech for good and digital literacy in India.

Nidhi Bhasin, CEO of the NASSCOM Foundation, joins us to talk about tech for good in India and initiatives to drive digital literacy.  

The NASSCOM Foundation is part of the NASSCOM ecosystem — the biggest industry body representing the tech industry in India.

Much of their focus is on going deep into rural areas and reaching that ‘last mile’. Inclusion is at the core of their strategic thinking.

Digital literacy is a broad area and is of relevance to a range of segments including the elderly, girls and women, and those of limited resources. Many elderly individuals in rural India don’t know how to use a smart phone or make online payments. And, many women from marginalised communities are poorly informed about their rights and have a limited understanding of government information and schemes designed to help them.

This episode provides insight into how technology and philanthropy come together in India to improve digital literacy and social outcomes.

About Nidhi Bhasin

Nidhi Bhasin is a social development sector professional with over two decades of experience. An alumnus of the Delhi School of Social Work (Delhi University), Nidhi wears many hats and has proven skills in program and team management, regulatory understanding of CSR law, finance and compliance, among others. 

Nidhi is extremely passionate about providing equal opportunities to all, technology for social good, and women and youth development. At NASSCOM Foundation, she is working towards pivoting the organization into focussed strategic growth by providing employability driven skills to the underserved youth, encouraging and incubating tech for social good and fostering women entrepreneurship. 

Before joining NASSCOM Foundation, Nidhi was working with Concern India Foundation as Deputy Chief Executive Officer. Nidhi loves to read and travel and in her spare time, often takes off to the mountains with her books.


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