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Nitzan Pelman, CEO & Founder of Climb Hire, on the value of networks

Nitzan Pelman, CEO and Founder of Climb Hire, joins us to talk about the value of networks and leveraging social capital.

So often, those who come from the most marginalised backgrounds don’t have the connections and don’t benefit from the social introductions that can prove invaluable in the labour market and in developing a successful career.

In this episode, we explore the innovative programmes run by Climb Hire, the social capital mindset they’re embracing, their innovative funding model and the value of their alumni network.

About Nitzan Pelman

Nitzan Pelman is a three time social impact entrepreneur whose life mission is to create economic opportunity for hidden and overlooked talent.

She founded Climb Hire in 2019 as a way to generate upward mobility for people earning below livable wage. Climb Hire’s programme model is based on Nitzan’s first-hand research as an Entrepreneur in Residence at LinkedIn, where she studied the powerful role that social networks can play in securing living wage jobs.

Nitzan was the founding CEO of an Entangled Ventures company called ReUp Education that focuses on re-enrolling students who have dropped out of college (acquired in 2022 by Avethon). She also founded the New York region of Citizen Schools, a middle school initiative for low income students.

Early in her career she worked at the U.S. Department of Education in New York City, KIPP, and Teach for America. Nitzan holds a Masters in Public Administration from New York University and a BA from Stern College for Women, and is an Ascend Fellow with the Aspen Institute, as well as an official “LinkedIn Influencer.”


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