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Shannon Elizabeth and Simon Borchert on protecting rhinos and the importance of animal conservation

Shannon Elizabeth and Simon Borchert on protecting rhinos, strengthening the conservation workforce, leveraging the celebrity angle, engaging with legislators and the work of Shannon Elizabeth Foundation.

Shannon Elizabeth is an actor who is passionate about animal conservation. She has starred in over 50 films and television shows, including American Pie, Scary Movie, Love Actually and That 70’s Show.

Simon Borchert has a strong family history of animal conservation in South Africa.

Together, this dynamic husband and wife duo are protecting rhinos and strengthening the field of conservation through the work of the Shannon Elizabeth Foundation.

We learn about the foundation’s operations, programs, advocacy work by engaging with legislators and we gain insight into leveraging the celebrity platform to drive forward positive change and get the message across.

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About Shannon Elizabeth

Shannon was born in Texas where she grew up before eventually moving to Los Angeles, California to establish her successful acting career.

She has starred in over 50 films and television shows, including the global hits American Pie, Scary Movie, Love Actually, That 70’s Show and the newly rebooted Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back.

Shannon has a deep and abiding respect for all life and is a staunch protagonist of a vegan lifestyle. In 2001, she began to follow her true life’s passion of saving animals by launching her non-profit, Animal Avengers, first as a dog and cat rescue operation and then with the broader remit of wildlife conservation.

Shannon continues her acting career, but her primary focus has become helping wild animals in Africa and elsewhere by whatever means necessary. In order to be hands on with her projects and to expand their scope and influence, Shannon moved to Africa in 2016 and splits her time between America and Cape Town, South Africa. In addition, Shannon continues to travel for acting and public appearances, speaking engagements and whenever needed to help animals in the hope of making the world an even better place.

About Simon Borchert

Simon is a socially and environmentally-minded NGO CE, impact investor, business and brand development strategist and podcast host with a deep passion for protecting the world's wildlife and wild places through the upliftment of indigenous communities.

With more than 20 years of consulting experience, Simon has successfully delivered strategies for international brands such as SAB, Maserati, Absolut, WWF South Africa, Ogilvy, Desmond Tutu’s African Leadership Institute, the Volvo Ocean Race and others in the conservation, sustainability and NGO space.

The Borchert family have committed to conservation and the development of the African continent for multiple generations and believe in reimagining the bio-diversity economy by shifting a mindset from that of donation to investment. As such, they promote partnership as a principle and accept the responsibility of illustrating the impact of our work as philanthropists.

Simon and his wife actress Shannon Elizabeth, continue this legacy and have committed their lives to their philanthropic pursuits.


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