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Sharath Jeevan OBE on navigating moments of inflection

The conversation centered around Sharath's upcoming book, "Inflection," which promises to provide key insights for understanding and navigating the pivotal moments of leadership inflection.

Jeevan, an expert in intrinsic motivation, delved deep into the concept of 'inflection points' in leadership. These moments, as he described, are not just challenging times but are critical opportunities for leaders to reassess their direction, understand the potential of their teams, and redefine their goals. The essence of his message was clear: leadership is not a static journey but a dynamic process of continuously identifying and overcoming new challenges, or as he put it, "climbing new mountains."

One of the most striking aspects of the discussion was Sharath's emphasis on the importance of direction and team potential. He urged leaders to continuously engage in a process of self-inquiry, asking themselves about their next objectives and preparing their teams for these evolving challenges. This approach underscores the need for a clear vision and a strong, adaptable team capable of navigating through change.

Resilience and motivation, themes central to Sharath’s previous works, were again highlighted as vital for pursuing new organizational goals. He painted a vivid picture of inflection moments as intense and dramatic yet crucial for long-term success. These are the moments, he argued, that if correctly harnessed, can future-proof an organization's success.

The conversation also underscored the challenges in reconciling different timeframes within leadership. He spoke about the need to balance short-term goals with long-term visions, advocating for a direction that resonates uniquely and authentically with each organization. This balancing act is essential for maintaining a course that is both realistic and aspirational.

Perhaps most enlightening was Sharath’s sharing of his personal journey. From his initial years in the corporate world to establishing STIR Education, and now focusing on aiding leaders, his path reflects a deep understanding of the multifaceted nature of leadership. His transition from being in the ring to helping others box better symbolizes a profound shift in perspective – from direct action to empowering others.

Looking ahead, Sharath expressed his ambition to explore societal inflection points, particularly the generational challenges in leadership. His upcoming works promise to delve into how different generations can navigate these societal shifts together, thus contributing to a broader understanding of leadership in a changing world.

Sharath painted a comprehensive picture of leadership in times of change. His discussion offered invaluable lessons on the importance of recognizing and acting on inflection points, the need for resilient and motivated teams, and the continuous evolution in leadership strategies. As Sharath ptoignantly noted, not all leadership time is created equal, and the true mark of effective leadership lies in identifying and capitalizing on these pivotal moments for enduring success and impact.

About Sharath Jeevan OBE

Sharath is a recognised authority on leadership at inflection moments. He is an acclaimed advisor, facilitator and author supporting leaders and organisations to futurepproof success.

Sharath's first book "Intrinsic" received widespread acclaim from fellow authors Dan Heath and Nir Eyal, to former Prime Ministers. His second book "Inflection" is due for release in early 2024.

Sharath was awarded an OBE in the Queen's 2022 New Year's Honours, and an Honorary Doctorate, for his contributions to the field.

He holds degrees from Cambridge University (First-Class Honours), Oxford University & INSEAD (MBA with Distinction). He is an alumnus of Strategy& and eBay. He founded and led two education organisations - STiR Education & Teaching Leaders - which collectively impacted over 10 million children across 40,000 schools in the UK, US, India, East Africa, Indonesia and Brazil.

Sharath lives in London with his wife and two boys. He is a keen reader, restaurant and theatre goer, and tennis player.

He loves travelling for both client engagements and for pleasure, and typically gets to between 10 and 20 countries each year.


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