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The Chair and CEO of STiR Education, Jo Owen and Girish Menon - motivation is key to success!

Let’s transform education systems by reigniting intrinsic motivation!

The Chair and CEO of STiR Education, Jo Owen and Girish Menon, explain why motivation is key to success.

STiR Education operates in India and Uganda, they’ve recently started a program in Indonesia and are currently in discussions with the education ministry in Ethiopia. Brazil is being explored.

They’ve been funded by some of the world’s leading foundations, including MacArthur Foundation, IKEA Foundation, Dubai Cares, ELMA Foundation and UBS Optimus.

We hear how intrinsic motivation needs to run across entire education systems and without it even the most targeted education interventions are at increased risk of failure.

Jo Owen and Girish Menon provide excellent insight and vivid examples to inform, inspire and help you make a bigger impact.

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About Jo Owen

Jo is the Founding Chair of STIR Education. He is also co-founder of Teach First which is the largest graduate recruiter in the UK. He is co-founder of seven other NGOs. Previously a partner at Accenture. He has built a business in Japan, started a bank, and started his career at Procter & Gamble in brand management.

He is the only person to win the Chartered Management Institute Gold Award four times, for his books which include How to Lead, Resilience, Mindset of Success and Global Teams published by the Financial Times. His latest book is Smart Work, about the world of hybrid work, which is published by Bloomsbury.

About Girish Menon

Girish joined STiR as its Chief Executive in January 2021 after five years as Chief Executive at ActionAid UK. He brings more than 35 years’ experience as a leader in the international development sector, having previously held roles as International Programmes Director and Deputy CEO at WaterAid UK, where he was responsible for programmes across 22 countries in South Asia and sub Saharan Africa.

Girish was born and brought up in India, and started his career with the Aga Khan Rural Support Programme. He has also worked at ActionAid, Plan International and DFID in India.

Since moving to London in 2005, he has also served on the boards of various not-for-profit organisations. He is currently on the board of Hope and Homes for Children, UK and Plan International UK.


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