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Tim Dixon, Co-Founder of More in Common: Bridging Divides in a Polarized World

Tim discusses the organization's core mission to understand and address the growing polarization in societies worldwide. Through their innovative approach, More in Common leverages the insights of social psychology and extensive public opinion research. Their aim is to unravel the complex dynamics of societal attitudes.

Tim shares his personal journey that led to the creation of More in Common, highlighting a pivotal moment marked by the tragic murder of a close friend and colleague. This personal loss ignited his commitment to dedicating a significant part of his career to tackling societal divides. He emphasizes the importance of distinguishing between the often-sensationalized public perception and the nuanced reality on contentious issues. This gap, he notes, is evident in how the public perceives topics like immigration and refugee acceptance, which is frequently misaligned with the headlines.

A significant part of the conversation revolves around the approach to finding solutions to these divides. Tim underscores the essential role of leadership across various sectors in steering conversations and policies away from polarized and binary viewpoints. He advocates for a more evidence-based, practical approach that challenges prevailing misconceptions and promotes constructive dialogue.

Tim stresses the power of curiosity and listening in overcoming polarization. By encouraging open and respectful dialogues between people with opposing views, he believes that common ground can be found. This approach is not just about resolving conflicts but about understanding the underlying values and motivations that drive people's opinions and attitudes.

Tim highlights the critical need for leaders who can navigate through these polarized times and offer hope and practical solutions. He shares compelling examples of how changing perceptions and fostering hope can significantly impact public attitudes and willingness to engage in constructive dialogue. Tim’s insights offer a hopeful perspective on addressing one of the most pressing issues of our time - societal polarization.

About Tim Dixon

Tim Dixon is the co-founder of the organisation More in Common, which works to build more resilient and inclusive societies, and counter the threats to democracy.

Their work has featured on front pages across the world, from the New York Times to leading news sources across the UK and Europe.

Tim is an entrepreneur who has worked as a lawyer, economist and speechwriter to two Australian Prime Ministers including Australia’s first female PM, Julia Gillard.

He has co-founded six social movement organisations and led projects in more than 20 countries. Tim has lived and worked in the UK, US and Australia.


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