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What if we loved politicians? Lisa Witter, CEO of the Apolitical Foundation, joins us to explore!

What if we loved politicians? Lisa Witter, CEO of the Apolitical Foundation, joins us to explore investing in new types of political leaders who will help us achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

A great conversation on empowering democracy for the 21st Century; supporting and training policymakers and political leaders; closing the gap between evidence and informed political action; and encouraging citizens to participate throughout the political process.

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About Lisa Witter

Lisa Witter is CEO of the Apolitical Foundation and Co-Founder of Apolitical, a global learning network for government, named one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in the world.

The Apolitical Foundation is a not-for-profit founded by Apolitical to advance the revitalisation of democracy by building better politics. The foundation’s keystone project, Apolitical Academy Global, helps prepare a new generation of transformational political leaders via a network of non-partisan political training academies.

Lisa is a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, co-chairs the Forum’s Council on Agile Governance, and served for six years on the Brain and Behavior Council.

She is a former public servant with deep experience in gender and behavioral science and has founded numerous political training academies over the last 25 years. She was awarded the 2020 Creative Bureaucracy Award and named a BMW Foundation Futurity Fellow in 2022. She loves wearing dresses, her childhood nickname was ‘Animal' and dreams of being a stand-up comedian (but might not be funny enough.) 


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