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Guest Profile

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Stephen White

Clerk (CEO)

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About Stephen White

Stephen White is the Clerk (CEO) to the Worshipful Company of Coopers.  His wish to work as a Livery Company Clerk was reinforced when he was Director of Finance and Administration for the Clothworkers’ Livery Company.


Stephen served for 28 years as a logistics specialist in the Royal Navy. He was a military logistic representative for the UK in Brussels at both NATO HQ and the EU, and also in Addis Ababa at the African Union.  He retired from the Royal Navy in 2007, having achieved the rank of Commander.


Stephen has had a varied and rewarding career. After his days in the Royal Navy, he was a Bursar running the substantial business operations of several top-rated independent schools also worked for the Clothworkers’ Livery Company as their Director of Finance and Administration. In 2013, he achieved success in the UK Song writing Competition and continues to be an active songwriter to this day.


He is married to Daniela and has four children. Stephen graduated from Reading University with a BA (Hons) in Modern History and Politics.

Episode Overview

The Clerk (CEO) of the Worshipful Company of Coopers, Stephen White, joins Alberto Lidji to shed light on the world of livery companies, the history of the Coopers’ since 1298 and their philanthropic work.


The Coopers’ livery company has a long history, first mentioned in a public record back in 1298.  Today, they have approximately 350 members and are very much open to everyone. They have a strong focus on fellowship, charitable work and business activity.


Many people outside of the UK are not familiar with the world of livery companies and, even within the UK, there is often a lack of understanding on what livery companies do, how they’re governed and the process to join one.  Stephen does a wonderful job of taking listeners through a multi-faceted exploration of the livery company world and the Coopers’ in particular, of which he is CEO.


Today, there are 110 livery companies in England and, since the 1970s, approximately 30 new livery companies have been established. 


There are three main types of collaborations between different livery companies. There is a collaboration between ‘The Great 12’ livery companies (these are the top 12 livery companies based on their wealth ranking back in the 16th Century. Today, these 12 may not necessarily be the wealthiest but the tradition of the Great 12 stands); then there is a collaboration between companies that have a ‘hall’; and lastly there’s collaboration between those companies that have no hall and are not one of the Great 12.


Livery companies in the UK are amongst the largest philanthropic donors in the country.  In addition to supporting members of the coopers trade (cHear what Tim Howarth, CEO of United World Schools (UWS) has to say about their 200 schools in Cambodia, Myanmar and Nepal, and their 2019 WISE Award for educational innovation.ask makers), the company also supports two schools in the UK and makes grants based on the funding applications it receives from interested parties.


Stephen notes how the coopers trade is witnessing something of a renaissance in England, now that the country's sparkling wines are increasingly being recognised for their quality on the international stage. It’s an exciting time for coopers / cask makers in England.


Stephen’s key takeaway for listeners: he refers to the Company’s motto -- Love is Brethren – and laments consumerism and greed.  He would like to see people with abundant resources be more philanthropic and spread their wealth more generously. Give back to society as much as you can! 

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